About Bulk Mentor

Have you always wanted to know the secrets of having the perfect body, without compromising your health? Are you in search of the right supplements that work, and does not break the bank? Can you gauge what legal steroids are good and bad for your health (if you’re into it of course)?

Lastly, are you sick and tired of supplement scams, of marketing prowess that leads to zero results at all?

Well if these questions reflect you and your bad experiences in the past, you have come to the right place!

So, Who am I?

Hi, my name is Bradley Powers, owner of BulkMentor.com.

I struggled a lot in the past, looking for the right boosters that could help me get into perfect shape. The road was tough, and I had to deal with false hopes over the convincing promises of the products I was told to use. I was really into it, and I felt like I could even buy the most expensive and yet the best supplements out there to satisfy myself with the results. I gained the muscles and the body that won me some bodybuilding competitions in the past. Everything was smooth sailing until I had some minor health complications from using the wrong steroids and supplements (surprisingly). I had to recover from that failure.

It was a deciding point for me to do my research and collect all the correct information every gym buff must have. It had helped me find again the person I was, before my life’s breaking point. Now I’m still aiming for the stars, but not just for myself anymore. I believe I have a mission to help and this website is my starting point.

I’m Your Bulk Mentor

This website aims to assist everyone out there who aspires to have the best and workable body built. I will be posting stories, product reviews, recommendations and what not for free.

You are not required to pay a membership fee to know my secrets. I also owe this to some friends who are athletes and fitness enthusiasts who did not even mind about sharing their techniques and practices with me.

But don’t be surprised with affiliate links that I might spread over a product recommendation article. In return, you can click on those if you are already decided to purchase them through my website. Spread this news to your peers. I would be most grateful if you could do that for me. But no one’s forcing anyone here of course.

But really, your time to visit me here is well appreciated.